Men’s Committees

The President, Captain and Vice Captain are ex-officio on all sub committees

General Committee

A Cox J Markham M Green
J Davis G Meads A Norton
S Piercy N Stockbridge M Fitzpatrick
 A M Williams D Nevett D Nevett






& Handicaps

Health & Safety


J Davis (Chairman) N Stockbridge (Chairman) M Fitzpatrick  (Chairman) G Meads  (Chairman)  A Norton (Chairman)  A M Williams (Chairman)  J Markham (Chairman)
G Bowden M Green A M Williams G Bowden  G Bowden D Nevett  N Stockbridge
A Norton G Meads A Norton M Green  D Nevett  S Piercy
S Piercy M Fitzpatrick A M Williams  J Lord
D Nevett S Piercy  S Coleman


Ladies Committee

Mrs B Anderson President
Mrs J Lee Captain
Mrs A Timmis Match Captain
Mrs F Rogers Secretary
Mrs J Williams Treasurer
Mrs D Spillane Competition Secretary
Mrs D Larkam Handicap Secretary